Sheikh Maqsoud

09/03/2016 - 23:00
YPG Reports Further Attacks On Sheikh Maqsoud: 4 Killed

10 March 2016

ANF/Kurdish Question

The People's Protection/Defence Units (YPG) General Command has reported that attacks by jihadist opposition groups continues on the mainly Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo.

Attacks have been ongoing since 6 March when 16 civilians and 4 Asayish (security) members were killed.

The General Command of the YPG has written a letter to the Special Coordination Committee of the Syria Ceasefire, detailing the violations of the ceasefire by armed 'opposition' groups.

Accordingly; Ahrar Al-Sham, al Jabha al-Shamiya, Lîwaa Sultan Murad and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Battalions, Feqtesim Kema Emert Battalions, Nûreddîn Zenkî Battalions, Lîwaa 13, First Fewc, 116. Fırka and Ebû Emara Battalions have continued their attacks on Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood at 11:00 on March 10.

According to the YPG mortar fire and homemade rockets have killed 1 civilian and 3 YPG fighters and 4 civilians and 3 YPG combatants wounded. The attack also inflicted a great damage on the neighborhood.

The YPG General Command said the bombardment was continuing.

The YPG had also reported the use of phosphorus chemical agent on 9 March against Sheikh Maqsoud. There were also claims that the groups attacking the area had been and were being supported by the Turkish government.

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