YPG Spokesperson Redur Xelil

03/03/2016 - 23:00
YPG: Islamic State Planned Tel Abyad Attack With Turkey

4 February 2016

Kurdish Question

In a press statement made on 2 February People’s Protection/Defence Units Spokesperson Rêdur Xelil said that the attack by Islamic State militants on Girê Spî/Tel Abyad could not have been carried out without the support of the Turkish state.

According to figures given by Xelil, 291 IS militants were killed in the attack which began on 27 February and lasted two days. The YPG/YPJ and other defence forces retrieved 125 corpses, while 6 IS militants were captured alive. 43 YPG/YPJ and defence forces fighters lost their lives defending the area.

The attack was planned with the support of the Turkish state

Xelil said that the capture of routes leading to Raqqa by the Syrian Defence Forces had choked the Islamic State in its self-declared capital and that they had attacked with the support of the Turkish state from 3 points using hundreds of specially trained commandoes. “This is the biggest attack by Deash (IS) after the attack on Kobanê last year. With this attack they wanted to sever Kobanê and Cizirê Cantons from each other.”

The YPG’s press statement is summarised below:

“This attack was planned centrally by Daesh gangs. Turkey participated in this attack and played a decisive role. Daesh gangs in this attack targeted 30 military and security points. Hundreds of suicide commandoes took part in the operation. They hoped to occupy this area by banking on our forces being unprepared due to the Shaddadi initiative. Despite the scope of the attack our forces gained control within 24 hours.”

Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens fought together

Xelil also commented on recent misinformation and manipulation by Turkish officials and media that the YPG was cleansing the area from Arabs and Turkmens by saying, “Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens fought together against this attack and sacrificed their blood. This is why Deash gangs could not reach their goal, this is an answer to those lies.

"Daesh gangs massacred 2 Turkmens, 3 Kurds and 3 Arabs in the Turkmen village Tel Hamam. Not even a single civilian was injured in our initiative to liberate Tel Abyad. With the support of the Turkish state Deash is killing Turkmens and Arabs.

The majority of IS militants crossed from Turkey

“The majority of Deash gangs crossed over from Turkey for this attack with some cells becoming active and coming from Raqqa. The Tel Abyad border crossing is inbetween the Kobanê and Cizirê Cantons and for this reason is of strategic importance, which is why the Turkish state wants it to return to the control of jihadist gangs. Turkey was making $30 million dollars profit at this border gate from oil and wheat stolen and sold by Deash gangs every month. Logistics and military equipment as well as fighters were also being procured from this gate.

Did Erdoğan get the information from the Islamic State

“The attack by Daesh gangs was very sudden. The YPG blocked the area to stop the flow of civilians. At the same time the Turkish President Erdoğan appeared on TV and said, ‘60 percent of Tel Abyad is in the hands of Deash.’ How did he know this when even the media had not reported it? This shows how involved Turkey was in this planned attack.”

Xelil went onto give more detailed information and showed the routes used by Islamic State militants in the attacks.

Source: ANF

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