06/02/2015 - 00:00
YPG: 14 villages and some strategically important points liberated

06 Feb 2015

ANF - Kobanê

The YPG Press Office has said in a statement that 14 more villages and some strategically important points have been liberated, while a member of the ISIS gangs named Murat Baynal with a nom de guerre Ebu Hamza Kurdî, from Kars, has been captured alive.

The YPG's statement said the Kobanê resistance which is now about to reach the phase of complete victory continues in its 144th day, and the advance of the YPG/YPJ forces in the rural areas of the town is ongoing.

The YPG Press Office said that YPG/YPJ fighters launched simultaneous attacks yesterday evening on the villages to the west, east and south of Kobanê, inflicting heavy blows on the gangs and liberating 14 villages and some strategically important points.

In the eastern areas, the villages of Tilîk, Hewlaqî, Dibîrik, Qişlê, Muxaraç, Til Xezal, Mezra Sofî, Bîrêreş and Pîno were targeted in yesterday’s operation, reported the YPG, adding that the villages were liberated quite soon while the gangs suffered heavy losses. The statement further said that the advance of the resistance forces continue in the area and Qeremux road was also taken under control by YPG/YPJ forces this morning.

YPG reported that the advance of the resistance forces also continues in the western part of the city, adding that two villages of Bubanê and strategically significant hills nearby were liberated in the operation launched yesterday evening.

Concerning the operation in the southern areas, YPG said the villages of Rovî, Tevşo and Xizênê were cleansed of the gangs while a member of them, named Murat Baynal with a nom de guerre Ebu Hamza Kurdî, born in 1977 and registered in Kars has been captured alive.

YPG noted in its statement that the number of ISIS casualties are not clear yet as the operations continue, but added that the corpses of 17 gang members were seized so far in addition to a large amount of ammunition.

The statement also read that a YPG fighter had died during the clashes while 8 others from the resistance forces were wounded.

Regarding the the clashes in Qamislo, the statement said that the YPG/YPJ fighters launched an attack on the gangs between Emrî and Şora villages 25 km to the southeast of the town. The operation targeted a military convoy, leaving a vehicle destroyed and two gang members dead.

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