06/11/2014 - 00:00
Woman killed by Turkish army at border

A woman has been shot by Turkish soldiers while crossing the border from North (Turkey) to West (Syria) Kurdistan today noon.

It is reported that the woman, named Kader Ortakaya, from Siverek district of Urfa province, was being accompanied by some other people crossing the border together with her.

Kader Ortakaya was in solidarity with the Kobane resistance for the past month as she stayed in the tents on the border with thousands of other people supporting Kobane. She was shot and killed today by the Turkish soldiers while trying to cross into Kobane. 

Last week footage of Turkish soldiers meeting with ISIS members on the same border had been leaked, showing the soldiers chatting and saluting each other for over thirty minutes. The Turkish army had released a statement regarding the video and had said that they were "merely warning two gentlemen that the area was a minefield". 

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