08/05/2015 - 00:00
VIDEO: Rojava: A Democratic System In Progress

08 May 2015

System D media - Solene Cravic has released a short video (at the bottom of the page) on Rojava and the Kurdish struggle for Democratic Confederalism in the region. Featuring interviews with Kurdish activists Memed Aksoy and Zeynep Kurban, the International Initiative’s Havin Gunesser, academics Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley and Dr David Graeber and more, the film offers a useful introduction into the revolution in Rojava and its origins, as well as the role of the PKK, and the theoretical influence of Ocalan.

Many of the interview were filmed during CAMPACCs recent workshop on National Self-Determination and the Global ‘Counter-Terror’ Regime”, which took place in February. Find out more about the project here:


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