08/03/2016 - 23:00
Updated: Ankara Attack; Death Toll Rising

13 March 2016




An explosive-laden vehicle has been detonated in the central Kizilay Square of the Turkish capital, Ankara. It has been reported that the target was a Riot Police bus located in Guvenpark of Kizilay district. 


The first official statement came from the office of the Governor of Ankara which placed the death toll at 27 and the number of wounded at 75. The Governor’s office also confirmed that the attack was carried out with an explosive-laden vehicle. 

In a statement made to the press by the Minister of Health, Mehmet Muezzinoglu, the death toll was announced to be 34, while the number of injured was said to be 125.


This attack is the last in a string of attacks that have targeted the Turkish capital. 



  • On the 10th of October, a peace rally was targeted killing over 100 people and leaving over 500 injured. Although no official claim had been made, the Turkish government had blamed ISIS for the attack. 
  • Last month an explosive-laden vehicle was detonated in amongst a military convoy in which 28 were killed and 61 were injured. This attack was claimed by TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) as “revenge for the Turkish state’s massacring of civilians in Cizre and Sur”. 

As of yet, there has been no official statement regarding the target of this attack or any claim to responsibility.

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