01/05/2015 - 00:00
Turkish Military Continues Operations in Kurdistan

1 May 2015

ANF - Behdinan

The People’s Defence Forces (HPG) Press Office has said in a written statement that operations, bombardments and aerial activity by the Turkish army is continuing to increase.

The HPG also reported drone activity over the Adil Beg and Mamreşo areas at the Avasin border line on 30 April at 19:30 and on 1 May at 05:00, adding that the aerial activity of the Turkish air force is increasing. HPG listed the following military activities carried out by the Turkish forces:

Turkish air force carried out reconnaissance flights on 30 April and 1 May over the Metina area, On 30 April over the Zap region and over the Xakurke area and the border line and over the Geliye Uranis area of Tatvan district of Bitlis.

On 30 April between 20-30-22:30 Turkish war planes carried out flights over the Metina and Xakurke areas.

On 30 April at noon, Turkish soldiers carried out a bombardment with mortar fire around the Tornova military post in the Ovacık district of Dersim (Tunceli) and launched an extensive operation in the region afterwards. The operation ended in the evening without reaching any objective.

On the morning of 30 April a large number of armoured vehicles was deployed at the Heya Sor military posts from Hani town centre in Amed (Diyarbakir) province.

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