09/04/2016 - 23:00
Turkish Government Gives Full Control to Army, Aerial Bombardment Expected in Nusaybin

10 April 2016

Kurdish Question

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has given the Turkish Armed Forces complete authority in Mardin’s Nusaybin district. According to reports it has been decided that 200 buildings will be demolished in aerial raids.

As the 24-hour martial lockdown (curfew) and siege of the Kurdish town continues, it has emerged that the Mardin Province Governor has been stripped of all administrative powers and has been replaced by Army officials.

According to a report in Turkish daily Hürriyet, disagreements and co-ordination issues between the Governor and state security forces in the area, led to calls for the Governor to be dismissed. However it was decided that the change would be made with a general decree encompassing all governors.

Also according to the report a new mechanism has been created to avoid further issues until the new decree comes into effect. The new mechanism means all intelligence and operational decisions will be taken by the senior military officer on the ground.

The report also states that Nusaybin has a population of 90,000 people, with almost 60,000 having been displaced 30,000 people are still living in the beleaguered district. Operations are said to be ongoing in 6 neighbourhoods in the district, with many civilians still there.

According to military sources many buildings have been booby-trapped making it impossible to dispose of the bombs using conventional means. Remote operations are expected to be carried out on 200 buildings that have been determined aerially and from the ground in the 6 neighbourhoods.

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