18/06/2014 - 23:00
Time for International Brigades for the Rojava Revolution

Written by Fuat Kav


It is important to live the moment, however, it is as important not to forget our past. In fact, the moment can only be lived meaningfully if a fulfilling relationship with the past can be constructed. In this sense, only if the moment is a reflection of a refined history is it worth living. If this is not the case, then the moment cannot be of too much use for the future.

In other words, the past must never be forgotten. The past is a large pool of experience that needs to be made use of in order to construct a better present. Those that separate today from the past cannot do any good for the future.

To say that "everything has changed" does not mean the past should be forgotten. To construct the present doesn't require us to forget the past.

The "past" is juan memory. All the values constructed by humanity are there; from the beginning of our existence to our present. You can find whatever you are looking for there; both positive and negative. The saying "history is full of lessons" has not been said for nothing.

There is also another saying "to forget is to betray". To forget means to let go of memory. To let go of that memory means to be cut-off from all values of humanity. This is betrayal.

The reason behind our emphasis of this is to underline the fact that humanity is being made to forget its past. It is as if the past is no longer important, as if the past is in the past.

This is the reality that is disabling humanities hopes of revolution, changing society or reconstructing sociality.

It is saddening to see that this memory loss is also affecting socialist movements around the World. Socialist movements are either dogmatic in their approach to the past, or they forget it altogether. The past is again being forgotten

I would like to finish off by reminding everyone of a more glorious time:

There used to be something called international solidarity and a revolutionary stance. This stance was not only theoretical, but had practical implications. Revolutionary processes deepened these emotions. When in one part of the World there was a strike, or a protest, or a meeting, or gunfire or an ongoing revolutionary process the revolutionaries and revolutionary movements of the World would support that process whatever the price.

Revolution was everything for these revolutionaries. "Revolutionaries have no homeland, lands of revolution are the homelands of socialists" was not only a slogan, it was a reality. Each revolution would bring justice, equality and push back imperialism and capitalism. This is why these revolutionaries were everywhere they could smell freedom, everywhere the people were rising against the system.

The Spanish Revolution was one of the most glorious events in history in which this international solidarity was exemplified. Revolutionaries from across the World were flocking to Spain to be a part of the International Brigades. Revolutionaries, anarchists, leftists, youths, feminists, in short everyone standing against fascism went to Spain. This was because the people and revolution of Spain was being threatened by the fascists of Germany-Italy-Spain.

How about now? Let's take a look at the approach towards the Rojava Revolution. Can we see the old internationalist stance, conscience or solidarity? Is it not the responsibility of every revolutionary, every revolutionary movement and even everyone who calls themselves a human to defend the Rojava Revolution? Isn't the Rojava Revolution is a Kurdish revolution? Isn't a Kurdish revolution a Middle Eastern revolution? Isn't a Middle Eastern revolution a major platform for a World revolution? If the answer to these questions is "yes", then why aren't the socialists, communists, Marxists and Leninists of the World raising their voices? Why aren't they feeling the need to support the Rojava Revolution?

The Rojava Revolution is under siege. The siege of the international imperialists is being backed by all the reactionists of the region. Those on the side of the capitalists are fake Islamists, local reactionists, liberals and nationalists aiming to suffocate the Rojava Revolution.

SO why shouldn't the revolutionaries, socialists, communists, anarchists, feminists and all anti-imperialists and anti-capitalists of the World side with the Rojava Revoltuion? Why shouldn't there be an "International Brigade" in Rojava just as there was in Spain for the Spanish Revolution? Why shouldn't the Rojava Revolution be seen as their revolution?

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