Thousands Protest in Sirnak Against Provocations

15/04/2015 - 00:00
Thousands March in Sirnak Against Turkish Military Provocations

15th April 2015

Thousands of people in Botan reigonal districts have marched against Ağrı provocation at Mt. Tendürek where Turkish army carried out a provocative operation on 11 April.

Turkish soldiers attacked two civilians who went to the Sapling Planting Festival area near Yukarı Tütek village early in the morning to hang a banner, killing HDP Diyadin former co-chair Cezmi Budak and severely wounding Meya-Der executive Cenap İlboğa, and also killing a guerrilla of HPG.

In Cizre, a district of eastern province of Şırnak, thousands of people came togerther within pioonering of the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) and DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) and a held a massive march to protest the provocative military operation of Turhish army. The crowd including HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız, Cizre co-mayors, MEYA-DER, KURDÎ-DER, İHD officials carried the placards reading "We lifted the humanity, not the soldiers" and "The massacres of state ongoing" and chanted slogans along their march to Yafes neighbourhood.

Speaking on behalf of the group, DBP Cizre District Co-chair Mesut Nart said, "The Kurdish people have staked claims to the ongoing peace process in spite of all the provocation of the state and AKP". MP Sarıyıldız said that AKP had panicced by the recent gallop polls and added, "The provocations of AKP will never end".

In Idil district of Şırnak, the local gathered up in front of DBP district building and marched towards Aşiti Park. They bore the banner reading "Let operations be ended, let dialogue be started" and shouted slogans in support of PKK and PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The resident of Şırnak's Silopi district have also protested the provocation of Ağrı. The group of citizens, accompanied by co-mayors and officals of DBP and HDP, held a march and carried posters of Budak and HPG guerrilla Kızılay.

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