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The “Freedom for Ocalan” Campaign

The Kurds and their friends have been running a "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign for some time now. This campaign has been running in all parts of Kurdistan, the Middle East and the rest of the World. Signatures are being collected, the situation in Kurdistan is being put across, information on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan is being given books and flyers are being distributed...

Until now, millions of signatures have been collected demanding for the freedom of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan. A lot of interest has been shown to the campaign in Kurdistan and the Middle East. It has been said that the campaign is targeting 10 million signatures. The campaign is nearing the end. According to those running the campaign, it will be ended on the 1st of September.

The campaign has been run most efficiently by the youth and women. Under the slogan "Women are in action for their leader and their freedom" the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan's struggle for women's liberation is being highlighted. The liberation of women and the liberation of the Kurdish people is masterfully integrated under the concept of democratic modernity.

The "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign is not only limited to petitioning. The "Freedom for Ocalan Watch" in Strasbourg that has been ongoing for the past two years, is already one of the longest running demonstrations in the World. The aim of this demonstration is to keep the European Council and the European Court of Human Rights informed of the situation of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Everyone should understand the efforts of the Kurds for freedom. The "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign is in effect a campaign for the freedom of the Kurdish people, who have been divided by four states and scattered across the World. Today, the will of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people, is embodied in the personality of Abdullah Ocalan.

After all, this is the reason why Abdullah Ocalan has been kept in Imralli Prison for the past 16 years. Our leader Abdullah Ocalan's circumstances of solitary confinement and the cultural genocide applied to the Kurds in their divided homeland is supplementary to each other. The plight of the Kurdish people and the plight of its leader are similar in this way; once again highlighting the intertwinement of a people and its leader.

There is no other reason as to why the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan has been kept in solitary confinement for the past 16 years. The only "crime" he has committed is to form an organisation to gain the freedom of his divided and oppressed people; the Kurdish people. As a matter of fact, this is not even deemed a crime in international law; to the contrary, it is a right, the right to exist. In other words, the Kurdish people's leader is exercising a right afforded to all peoples by international law. However, due to inter-state interests, this right has been deemed a crime and therefore is being mercilessly punished.

This situation is being neglected by the international system of interests. However, it is not being neglected by the Kurds. The Kurds and their leader Abdullah Ocalan know full well that Abdullah Ocalan is being punished for demanding freedom for the Kurdish people. The Kurds are fully embracing their leader. This is why the Kurds see the freedom of their leader Abdullah Ocalan as their own freedom. The "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign is in essence a freedom for Kurds campaign.

This situation is embraced most by Kurdish women. The efforts of Kurdish women amplify just how much the freedom of their leader Abdullah Ocalan is intertwined with their own freedom. The same goes for the Kurdish youth and workers. Their is a harmonious relationship between the Kurdish people and their leader.

For this reason, the efforts of the Kurdish people, women and youth must be properly understood. In the 21st century, the country of the Kurds, Kurdistan, is still divided into four parts. For the past one hundred years, the Kurds have been at the receiving end of systematic cultural genocide. Methods of assimilation and genocide have both been implemented. Still today, their language, culture and history is banned. They can't even study in their own language.

What must a people in this situation do? Should they bow down and accept being assimilated and annihilated, should they not resist? Can it be a crime to establish the consciousness and organisation necessary for a people's freedom? Can the actions of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan be deemed a crime? If any other people were in this situation, what would the honourable children of that people do?

There are not many examples in history similar to the torturous conditions of Imralli Island. The Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan has been kept in these conditions for the past 16 years. According to European law, after 15 years of any sentence, it is statutory to re-evaluate the punishment. This has not been the case for Abdullah Ocalan.

The "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign, is one of the most significant and meaningful campaigns in human history. The Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan has been deemed by many as "the Kurdish Mandela". From South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Gerry Adams, many freedom fighters have signed the petition demanding the freedom of our leader Abdullah Ocalan. Therefore, the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan and the freedom of the Kurdish people is ever closer.

The "Freedom for Ocalan" campaign is progressing impressively. Those supporting freedom and democracy should support this historical campaign. This campaign should be successful in every part of the World.

In this regard, we call upon all people that value freedom and democracy to take part in this campaign and crown it with success; because Abdullah Ocalan's freedom, is the freedom of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. The freedom of Kurdistan is the freedom of the Middle East and the emancipation of humanity.

Support this historical campaign for freedom! Take part in the struggle for the liberation of humanity!

Duran Kalkan - Executive Committee Member of the PKK

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