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PYD Co-Chair Moslem: If Rojava Representatives Are Not Invited To Geneva...

27 March 2016

Kurdish Question

Democratic Union Party (PYD) co-chair Saleh Moslem has said they have not yet received an invitation to the 2nd round of talks at the Geneva III meeting. Moslem stated they would have no obligation to implement the decisions taken if they were not invited. “There can be no resolution with documents written in a Baath mentality” said Moslem, before going on to state, “We are struggling for the construction of a decentralised Syria."

We expected changes

Speaking to ANHA News Agency, the leader of the biggest party in Rojava said they expected important and substantial changes to occur in the 2nd round of talks at Geneva. “UN Special Envoy Steffan De Mistura has said that the decree written by him doesn’t differentiate between parties. This document is not official. In it he has just listed his thoughts on the 1st round of talks. All the main headings in the document are important things that are not difficult to realise,” said Moslem.

Documents written up with a Baathist mentality will not bring about resolution

Moslem also emphasised that they were struggling for the construction of a democratic Syria that is not centralised, and stated, “This has not been written in the De Mistura’s document. This is of course normal, because the document has been formed from the mentality of individuals like Esad El Zubi, Mihemed Elus and Besar Al Ceferi. For this reason I don’t think discussions will continue in the same manner. If they do there will be no resolution. We want the direction of talks to change so that a more suitable environment is created.”

If we are not at talks we will not implement decisions

The Democratic Union Party co-chair also reiterated that those attending the meeting did not have a political and peaceful project to end the crisis in Syria before going onto say, “If the representatives of Rojava do not attend the 2nd round of talks we will have no obligation to implement the decisions taken there.”

The 2nd round of talks at Geneva III are expected to begin on 9 April.

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