04/03/2016 - 23:00
PKK Refutes Claims About Oil Pipeline Sabotage

5 March 2016

Kurdish Question

Recent claims by the Kurdistan Regional Government and politicians in South Kurdistan that Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) guerrillas sabotaged the Kirkuk - Yumurtalik oil pipeline on 17 February, leading to financial loss for the KRG, has been refuted by the People's Defence Centre (NPG), the command centre of the PKK's military wing.

In a statement made on 3 March 2016 the NPG Headquarters said the pipeline had been attacked similarly in Şırnak’s Hezex district on February 27, and after an extensive investigation they had determined that none of the affiliates of the Kurdish movement were involved in either attack.

The NPG announced that both attacks aimed to create tensions between different Kurdish groups at a time when the Kurdish movement was gaining momentum. The statement claimed that the Turkish Intelligence Agency and its affiliate groups were responsible for the attacks.

The statement also emphasised the need to get consent from the people of North Kurdistan for the construction of oil and gas pipelines through the area, "because oil and gas pipeline constructions that lack this approval are targeting the people’s liberation movement," the statement underlined. The NPG also appealed to the KRG administration and other Kurdish political powers to reconsider their relations with the Turkish state.



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