04/06/2014 - 23:00
PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan: We need a revolutionary economy

In the latest meeting between Abdullah Ocalan and the delegation from the HDP in Imrali Island, Ocalan outlined his economic concerns for local councils.

Ocalan said, "If in a specific region you are polling in over 60% of the popular vote, you are required to offer the people a suitable economic model. You are required to protect the people from the vulgar consumerism and filthy exploitation of pillaging capitalism. While our local councils are constructing a local democracy, they should also be concentrating on constructing a local economy. We need a revolutionary and alternative economic model. I propose an all-encompassing series of economic conferences."

Ocalan continued, "We cannot approve of a style of local government in which 'we are taking care of the cities poorest' is taken to be a service! This is not a service. This is our debt to society. If we are running a local government, then our primary focus should be on making sure no one is going hungry in that municipality. Appropriate models should be researched; they can look back at history or look at the experiences in Latin America where communal models have been implemented. The best proposals can come from the poorest people in the town, so there is no need to limit these conferences to the academic field."

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