Meeting at Champigny Municipality

03/04/2016 - 23:00
Paris' Champigny Municipality Declares Cizre 'Sister City'

4 April 2016

ANF - Paris

The Municipality of Champigny in Paris has declared Cizre a “sister city” to help families affected by the war and announced they will support the “sister family” project.

An event was held with Kurdish people and municipality workers’ in the Municipality of Champigny in Paris. Champigny Municipality Mayor and head of electees from the Left Bloc Dominique Adenot, Deputy Mayor Fily Kelita, Councilor Şengül Karaca, regional assembly members, Municipal Council member Gautier Lahore, representatives from the Kurdish Women’s Movement and people from Kurdistan attended the event.

Mayor Adenot criticised recent state policies and emphasised the importance of a joint struggle against the new labor law. Adenot pointed out that with the new cities policy put in place in January, it was impossible to answer the needs of the people locally and that the fundamental rights of shelter and work were stripped from the people.

Adenot said as the left front and the Communist Party of France they had actively supported the just struggle of the Kurdish people in past periods and would continue to do so.

“We will select sister families”

Stating, “The Kurdish people have fought against barbarians in Kobanê and today they are resisting Erdoğan and his barbaric policies,” Adenot continued: “Today we want to actively support the struggle of Kurdish people. We will join the sister city project with Cizre. We will act immediately and take the first step with the sister family project. For this project we will have an urgent gathering as the 35 members of the municipality council and choose sister families for each of us. We have to act immediately to relieve the suffering of the people of Cizre. I will take part in the sister family project as the mayor with my own means. We will stand by your side in your rightful struggle. We will fight together.”

A campaign was started in March 2016 to support the residents of Cizre whose houses and livelihoods were destroyed by Turkish state forces. At least 655 people are reported to have been killed during the 3 month martial lockdown and siege of the city.

To get more information or join the campaign call the Cizre Municipality on 0090 486 616 10 10

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