01/06/2014 - 23:00
Ocalan: In the next 2 or 3 weeks there will be important talks

HDP MP Sirri Sureyya Onder said that at yesterday's meeting Ocalan told them there would be significant developments in the process in the coming period, adding: "in this time there will be political delegations and he [Ocalan] will hold talks with a state delegation."

Onder said that Ocalan had listed the principles of 'inclusiveness', 'belief in democratic politics' and 'development of peace' as key terms for the Presidential elections. Ocalan warned Erdogan, who recently threatened the HDP-BDP, by saying: "don't make war plans".

HDP deputy leader and Istanbul MP Sirri Sureyya Onder talked about the meeting with Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan after returning from Imrali island yesterday.

Onder said that Ocalan had used the phrase: "the most important reality is that the process has reached a new phase." Onder continued: "In the last three weeks in particular there have been increasingly frequent meetings with political delegations – some of which have been reported and some not. This means the question is going beyond the bureaucrats and towards a content that is discussed by political delegations. Mr Ocalan has also been affected by the reverberations of this."

Onder said that for the first time a programme and timetable had been discussed at a meeting between Ocalan and the state delegation, adding: "I think that the questions Mr Ocalan emphasized at the beginning of the process such as a legal framework, the removal of obstacles to democratic politics, critically ill prisoners and the abolishment of the Anti-Terror law have for the first time begun to be linked to a programme and timetable. We could understand this, to some extent, from what Besir Atalay said recently on a TV channel. He stressed that the government would strive for a solution with a new programme and timetable. When all these things come together it is easy to understand what Mr Ocalan is alluding to when he says 'new phase'. What we have not had up to now, and what is now developing, is political delegations are beginning to discuss the question politically..."


Onder said that Ocalan had told him: "in the next 2 or 3 weeks we will have intensive debate of these subjects. I hope we will make progress." Onder added: "in this time there will be political delegations and also talks he will have with the state delegation."

Onder added that Ocalan had raised the request for a Monitoring Body at yesterday's meeting, saying: "he wants the process to be transparent and open to public scrutiny. He believes that a Monitoring Body should oversee the process in order to reduce problems connected to daily occurrences. He said: 'I think the government is aware of this'."

Onder said that Ocalan had said: "The government has made fundamental errors. One of these is that it has constantly hidden behind the pretext of an election, employed delaying tactics and adopted a discriminatory stance lacking political courage. I have told them the process can not be protected in this way, and that the process and peace could only be guaranteed by giving it a legal and political character. I said that the process would become a project that turned into one that could potentially be sabotaged and become weak and worthless. They didn't take my warnings seriously. Do they think we have a narrow understanding of politics? Recently I made different warnings. History has developed since the 90s in the way I identified. During the process substantial values have emerged."


Onder said that Ocalan had called upon the sides to avoid provocating the process and to act responsibly and sensitively, adding that he had said: "...What I mean by this is not structures or their stances. By provocation I don't mean the youth in the region or the things the state is doing. Circumstances that get out of control will offer up opportunities to those forces that wish to sabotage the process and therefore both sides must avoid allowing such circumstances to occur. Consequently, instead it is necessary to concentrate on preparing realistic and honest proposals and look for ways and methods to implement them."


Ocalan's views on the Presidential elections are as follows: "It will be useful to discuss the Presidential elections with regard to the system. Our concern is not individuals, but the system itself. And the system will be divided between those who support the project for democracy and peace and those who oppose it. Our candidate will be one who stands for democracy and peace and represents all the downtrodden. I have three principles: inclusiveness, belief in democratic politics and peace."


Onder said that Ocalan had criticized the attitude of some television programmes and columnists for not taking a serious attitude to the process. He said that Ocalan accused the media of sensationalizing and of engaging in speculation, while appreciating the efforts of some writers who took a positive attitude.


Onder said that Ocalan had criticized those who propagated for division and carried out war-mongering, calling them reactionaries. Öcalan said: "The people of Turkey should know that the only safeguard for co-existence and for the country remaining whole is the will of the Kurds, and they have proved this with their consistency and sincerity on numerous occasions. The Turks should join together around our great push for peace and not believe in such speculation. None of those doing politics based on pumping paranoia on secession are local. They are all working in accordance with the agendas of international forces."


Onder said that Ocalan had commented on Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan's threats to the HDP-BDP. Ocalan  warned: "If a plan is to be made it should be done for democracy and for peace. It shouldn't be for war."

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