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Newroz Organising Committee: We Don't Recognise AKP's Ban

17 March 2016

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The organising committee of this year's Newroz (Kurdish New Year) celebrations has responded to the banning of the event in certain cities on all days other than 21 March with a statement.

In the statement the committee, which consists of members from the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Free Women's Congress (KJA) and Democratic Youth (DEM-GENÇ), emphasised that they will not recognise the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) ban on Newroz celebrations, and events to mark the Kurdish New Year will take place as planned.

The statement also said, "the AKP government's prohibitive, restrictive and monist mentality towards Newroz celebrations has no moral or legal grounds."

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Calling attention to the bans imposed on Newroz celebrations in many cities, the organising committee said they would be in the areas where bans had been declared by local governorates and greet Newroz despite restrictions.

The Newroz Organising Committee also called on the government to "abandon its prohibitive approach," and invited people to "embrace the spirit of Newroz and welcome it in areas with a spirit of resistance."

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