20/11/2014 - 00:00
Murat Karayilan: PKK does not need the AKP

The Central Commander of the HPG, Murat Karayilan, has given an interview to the Kurdish daily newspaper Azadiya Welat in which he says the "AKP are trying to buy time until the general election".

In the interview, Karayilan warns the AKP by saying that the PKK is not constrained to the AKP. When asked about the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc's statement of "we don't have to go through with the peace process", Karayilan says that "Kurdish politics is stronger than ever. Bulent Arinc and all Turkish state officials must know that there are many options in front of the PKK. Especially now that the Kurdish question is on the global agenda and has received popular support, all previous barriers have been demolished. The PKK is not constrained to anyone. However, the Kurdish people and the people of Turkey want peace, fraternity and to live together. But everyone should know that we do not need the AKP for this".

Karayilan added that the AKP wanted to buy time and string along the PKK until the general election in 2015, "in June, after the election is when they will show their true intentions; and this could mean war" Karayilan said.

Karayilan also analysed Turkey's stance towards Rojava. "The most important thing was that when we announced a ceasefire in the North (Northern Kurdistan — Turkey) Turkey declared war on Rojava (Western Kurdistan — Syria). They did this through ISIS. This war it still continuing. Through them, they declared war against the three cantons of Rojava".

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