16/06/2014 - 23:00
Murat Karayılan: PKK guerrillas want to go to Kirkuk and Sengal

After ISIS' attacks against Rojava and Southern Kurdistan, PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayilan has said that "especially in Kirkuk and Sengal the KDP and PUK must enable guerrillas to jointly defend Kurdistan alongside the peshmergas".

In an interview with ANF, Murat Karayilan said that ISIS' seizure of Mosul will potentially reshape the Middle East. Karayilan highlighted YPG's success in its battle against ISIS in Rojava and said "if YPG had not resisted, them ISIS would be declaring the 'Islamic State' by now."

Karayilan also touched upon Turkey-ISIS relationships. Karayilan said "everyone is aware of the support given to ISIS by Turkey in its attacks against Rojava; however, the weapon Turkey wanted to use against us (the Kurdistan freedom movement) is now turning on them. We always said that ISIS was a threat to all the peoples of the region. But they [Turkey] did not listen, this is the result.

Karayilan stated that ISIS was a nationalist movement and not a movement promoting the Ummah and as a result ISIS was against Kurdish national rights. For this reason, Karayilan called upon the KDP and PUK to unite for the defence of Southern Kurdistan.

Karayilan continued "At this historical juncture, I call upon the KDP and PUK to enable PKK guerrillas to help defend Kurdistan against these attacking gangs. Especially in Kirkuk and Sengal the PKK guerrillas are ready to defend our people".

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