24/06/2014 - 23:00
Legal framework for process at parliament

The Turkish government has today presented to the parliament the bill known as "the framework law for the solution process", laying legal ground to peace talks.

The draft law containing six artcicles, accepted by the Cabinet on June 18 and sent to Parliament on June 26, is titled "The Bill to End Terrorism and Strengthen Social Consolidation."

The bill lays legal ground for the process, giving legal, administrative and penal immunity to all officials conducting negotiations with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay made a statement concerning the bill and said: "The bill proves how much the government is determined in regards to the resolution process. We see this and I hope will soon reach a result".

The six articles of the bill are said to be as following:

-To determine the political, judicial, socio-economical, psychological and cultural steps, as well the steps concerning human rights, security, disarmament and related issues to strengthen social integration and to end the terror.

-To decide to develop relations, dialogue and organize meetings with the persons, institutions and organizations within the country and abroad when and where necessary. To assign the persons, institutions and the organizations to carry out these works.

- To take necessary measures for the return and the integration into the social life of those who leave arms.

-To provide accurate and timely information for the public about the works carried out and the measures taken within the framework of the legislation.

-To monitor the end result of the application of the measures and to coordinate the institutions.

-To prepare the required legislations.

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