08/05/2015 - 00:00
Kurdish Uprising in East Kurdistan As Woman Commits Suicide to Avoid Rape by Iranian Intelligence

08 May 2015

ANF - Mahabad

Kurds poured out into the streets in anger in Mahabad city of Rojhelat (East) Kurdistan yesterday (7 May) after a young Kurdish woman committed suicide to avoid rape by Iranian intelligence officers.

Ferinaz Xosrowanî jumped off the fourth storey of the Tara Hotel, where she worked, to avoid rape by Iranian intelligence (Itlaat) officers.

People in Mahabad gathered outside the hotel in anger on hearing about the incident at 6pm local time. The mass protesting outside was brutally attacked by police using real bullets and tear gas.

While clashes broke out between security forces and the people who demanded the disclosure and trial of those responsible for Xosrowanî's (Khosravani) suicide, protestors set fire to the hotel after 10 people were wounded in the crackdown.

It has been reported that Tebrizli Hotel director Seyid Murteza Haşimi, whom the people hold responsible for the attempted rape of Xosrowanî, has been detained by police.

Having remained silent during the protest, Iranian officials started making statements after the hotel was set on fire by protestors.

A statement published on the official page of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani demanded that light be shed on the incident urgently.

Protests are reported to be continuing despite the call Iranian authorities in Mahabad have issued for calm.

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