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24/04/2015 - 00:00
Kurdish Organisations Call on Turkey to Recognise Armenian Genocide

24 April 2015

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The Kurdistan People's Congress (KONGRA GEL) has said that they shared the sorrow of Armenian genocide, and called for solidarity with the Armanian people.

The Kongra Gel Co-Presidency has issued a written statement on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

The statement which stressed that the Turkish state must stop denying the genocide said; “the denial of the genocide by Turkish Republic even 100 years later means the continuation of the perpetrated genocide".

Kongra Gel emphasized that; "On behalf of the Kurdish people, who have achieved an awareness of the reality of the genocide with democratic social revolution created by the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle, we share the sorrow of the genocide which is called the "Great Disaster" by the Armenian people and "Seyfo/Sword" by Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean people, in the 100th year of the 1915 genocide."


The statement underlined that the genocide continued, saying: "Effects of the great traumas caused by the massacres the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic committed against Anatolian, Kurdish and Mesopotamian people are still being lived heavily and deeply by our peoples. The continued denial of the genocide, which was planned and perpetrated by the Committee of Union and Progress within the scope of an organised and systematic plan, means the genocide continues and is a big shame for whole humanity.”

The Kongra Gel statement emphasised that governments of the Turkish Republic have always denied the dark side of their history, adding; "They have done everything to make the whole world forget the genocide and they are still doing so. This dark history has hypothecated the future of Anatolian and Mesopotamian peoples.”


Remarking that the ongoing denial of the genocide laid a great conscientious responsibility on whole world, Kongra Gel pointed out that peoples around the world must share the Armenian people's sorrow, let them mourn for their dead and play their role to put an end to the denial of the genocide.

Kongra Gel said that Pope Francis' statement about the Armenian genocide and the European Parliament's decision related to the same issue have been steps influencing the public opinion with respect to overcoming the silence resulting from economic interests in international relations.

The statement stressed that the most essential and meaningful development regarding the genocide of Armenian and Assyrian / Syriac / Chaldean peoples could be to create conditions for a common homeland of peoples on the basis of confronting truths and sharing the pain. Putting emphasis on the essentiality of a joint struggle with the perspective of a democratic nation in order to achieve a free and peaceful future, Kongra Gel called on all truth-seekers and all circles siding with democracy, peace and fraternity of peoples to raise their voice with Armenian people in the 100th year of the genocide in order for its recognition and confrontation with history.


Kongra Gel remarked that Turkey must end the hundred-year-old denial of the genocide to achieve democratisation and peace, adding; “This is a necessary step in for Armenian, Assyrian / Syriac / Chaldean people overcoming the heavy traumas of the genocide. Turkey can reach social tranquility and peace only by confronting its history.”

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has urged Turkey to confront its history, to recognize the Armenian genocide, apologise to Armenians and to meet the demands of the families of victims.


The KNK said in a written statement on the occasion of the centenary of the Armenian genocide that; “Each constitutional state with a conscience must urge the Turkish state to account for this crime against humanity”.

KNK recalled in its statement that not hundreds or thousands but one and half million Armenians were massacred, exterminated, deported from their homelands on the orders of the CUP (Committee of Union and Progress), adding that the Syriacs, Assyrians and Chaldeans as well as Yazidi Kurds were also exposed to the same genocide, which they call “Seyfo”.

The Kurdistan National Congress stressed that the CUP of the Ottoman Empire, which acted with the mentality of Turkish racism, turned Anatolia and Kurdistan into a blood bath, perpetrated savage mass killings and aimed to exterminate Armenian, Syriac, Chaldean and Yazidi Kurdish communities with policies of 'beheading'.

Pointing out that the CUP in war times was in preparation to build a racist Turkish state out of the ruins of the Ottaman Empire, the KNK said the existence of Armenians, Assyrians, Syriacs and Chaldeans was an obstacle to that aim and therefore the CUP targeted the non-Muslim communities in the name of Islam for total Islamisation and Turkification of the Anatolian and Kurdistan region.


The KNK emphasised in the statement that the Turkish state is reproducing the genocide mentality by denying it, and strongly urged Turkey to confront its history and to recognise the genocide.

“We announce once again on the 100th anniversary of the genocide that the Kurdish people share the pains of Armenians, Syriacs, Assyrians and Chaldeans and stand in fraternity with them”, said the KNK, adding that the Kurdish people will never forget what happened in today’s process of building Kurdistan and are working together with all the communities who have suffered massacres and cruelty, to build a democratic country and society.

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