17/03/2016 - 23:00
Kurdish Movement Condemns Attack in Istanbul

18 March 2016

Kurdish Question

The Kurdistan Communities' Union (KCK), the umbrella organisation of the Kurdish movement, has condemned the attack in Istanbul's Beyoglu (Taksim) district, which left 5 dead and 37 injured this morning.

"As the Kurdish Freedom Movement we are agains the targeting of civilians and condemn in no uncertain terms, attacks against civilians. We send our condolences to the families of victims and wish the injured a quick recovery," the statement read.

A summary of the statement is below:

"We must stand against the death of civilians. From whoever it may come, we must stand against actions targeting civilians. However it is also immoral of Turkish media and political circles to completely ignore the killing of children, youth and the elderly by Turkish army and police forces. Those who are rightly against the death of civilians must also raise their voices against the killing of civilians by the Turkish state. To say that the Turkish state has the right to exercise violence and stand by while the AKP kills hundreds of civilians is unjust and politically immoral. The death of civilians cannot become normal and an everyday affair. In this sense we must stand against anyone who targets civilians. International forces also need to stand against civilian deaths without double standards." 

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