PKK's YJA-Star guerrillas driving a T-62 tank into Shingal

13/11/2015 - 00:00
Kurdish Forces Liberate Shingal

13th November 2015

ANF - Shingal

The People's Defence Forces (HPG - Military wing of the PKK) Shingal Command and the Shingal Resistance Units (YBŞ) General Command announced in a written statement that Shingal (Shengal) town centre has been liberated from ISIS occupation.

The joint statement said that the HPG and YBŞ forces had inflicted severe blows on ISIS gangs during the offensive in the Shilo area that started on October 8, after which they launched an operation to liberate villages in west Shingal on October 31.

HPG Shingal Command and YBŞ General Command said they present a free Shingal to the people on the second day of the offensive launched on Shingal town centre and surrounding villages yesterday.

According to the statement, the operation to liberate the villages and surrounding areas of Shingal is going on, and a detailed statement will be released later.

For images of Shingal liberated by Kurdish forces click here

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