02/03/2016 - 23:00
KRG Presidency: We Support Federalism In Syria

3 March 2016

Kurdish Question

The Kurdistan Regional Government Presidency headed by Masoud Barzani made a statement today in support of a federal solution in Syria. The statement said, 'For lasting stability in the future we support federalism in Syria.’ The Kurdistan Democratic Party, KDP politburo, also made a similar statement. Recently spokespersons of the Rojava Administration had also said a federal Syria could be a possible solution to the crisis.

The statement by the KRG Presidency was published on their website and declared, ‘For lasting stability and balance between different ethnic groups we support the idea of federalism in Syria. For this to happen Kurds must show a united stance and insist on a federal system.’

The KDP also declared their support for a federal Syria by saying, ‘The federal system is the best solution not just for Kurds but for all of Syria.’

These statements come following earlier statements by spokespersons of the Rojava Administration, PYD and TEVDEM that ‘a federal system can be the solution for a plural democratic Syria.’

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