19/06/2014 - 23:00
KRG Culture Minister: 'National Congress must be prepared'

A delegation from the Federal Kurdistan Region is visiting the Mardin municipality, meeting with the co-mayor, Ahmet Turk.

Speaking at the meeting, Ahmet Turk said the recent developments in the Middle East have created opportunities for the Kurds.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, the minister of Culture in the Federal Kurdistan Regional Government, Kawa Mahmud, said a renewed preparation for the Kurdish National Congress must be carried out.

A delegation of two ministers from the Federal Kurdistan Regional Administration, the Minister of Education, Ismed Halid, and the Minister of Culture, Kawa Mahmud, accompanied by the Rector of Zakho University, Lezgin Jamil, the undersecretary of Necirvan Barzani, Zirek Kemal, artist Gulistan Perwer and the Vice-rector of Artuklu University, Kadri Yıldırım, visited the Mardin Metropolitan Municipality.

Welcoming the delegation at his office in the municipality building, the co-mayor of Mardin, Ahmet Turk, spoke about the recent developments in the Middle East, adding there were new opportunities for the Kurds, saying: "However, the situation also gives rise to a danger for the Kurds. We hope that these developments initiate a dialogue between all the Kurdish parties in the 4 regions of Kurdistan. We wish a new period to commence for the freedom of Kurds. We also know that the Kurds are a dynamic power and an important actor in the Middle East. Dialogue between the 4 regions of Kurdistan must be strengthened."

Turk also touched upon the Kurdish National Congress and said the preparations which once carried out for the organisation of the Congress were not successful, adding that they expect a renewed attempt for holding the Congress.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, the minister of Culture of the Federal Kurdistan Regional Administration, Kawa Mahmud, first congratulated Ahmet Turk for his success in the local elections. Mahmud said the Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan must gain his freedom as soon as possible as the realisation of this would be an important contribution to peace and democracy.

Commenting on the Kurdish National Congress, Mahmud said the previous preparations had some shortcomings and an extensive preparation is now needed for the success of the Congress. Mahmud stressed that all the regions of Kurdistan must be free, adding that the Kurds are now capable of self-government.

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