04/05/2015 - 00:00
Kobane's May Day Message to Workers

Worker comrades! Organisations, syndicates and trade unions' of workers!

With warm regards of workers from the Canton of Kobanê, the Canton of revolution, resistance and martyrs, on the first of May, we commemorate day of struggle and resistance of Workers against the tyranny, oppression and exploitation of capitalism!

The revolution of Rojava was a historical departure point in the workers and oppressed people’s struggle in the middle east and all over the world, to repossess political authority; and it was the revolution of women, youth and workers to establish a new system based on the transition of power to people; it's true owners. Our resistance against ISIS-terrorists and their international supporters is not only to protect our people’s human life and dignity, but also a resistance to defend the achievements of revolution and democratic autonomous system which is based on radical democracy and elimination of hierarchical organisations.

Now, through the heroic battles of our comrades in the Peoples' Protection Units (YPG) and Women's Protection Units (YPJ), the terrorists have been driven out of Kobane; however attacks on nearby areas and the blocking of the canton’s roads is still continuing. Our resistance has entered a new more difficult phase now, the phase of restoring social life to Kobanê, which is under economic and logistic siege, in a situation where more than 80% of the city’s structures and vital infrastructures have been destroyed.

The history of class struggle shows that the union of workers has no geographical boundaries. We recognise our resistance against savage terrorism and its international sponsors as the resistance of all people throughout the world. We believe that the revolution is disrupting the foundations of dominance and founding a new world, ensuring respect, freedom and equality for all people, but this requires a fierce struggle and practice. The international solidarity of workers, is the historical necessity and a material field to defend class achievements and to struggle shoulder to shoulder against domination and oppression by capitalism.

We, the workers and association of the Canton of Kobanê, commemorating workers’ and oppressed people’s libertarian and egalitarian struggles all over the world, and appreciating your support and solidarity with our resistance against terrorist attacks, invite our worker comrades, syndicates, trade unions and all the libertarians, to participate and develop practical solidarity with the revolution of Rojava and the resistance of Kobanê, and invite you to join us in this historical situation to protect the achievements of the revolution!

Long live the libertarian struggles of people around the world!

Long live the international union of the workers of the world!

Administration of the Kobanê Canton

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