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Joint Statement bu YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al Firat

19 April 2015

ANF - Kobane

The People's Defence Forces (YPG) and Women's Defence Forces (YPJ) and Burkan Al-Firat forces have issued a joint statement regarding the joint operation they are carrying out in the south of Kobanê, saying that the operations will continue until the whole region is cleansed of the ISIS gangs.
The commanders of YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al-Firat organised a joint press conference yesterday in Qirat village, 50km to the south of Kobanê city following the 10-day operation.

YPG Commander Heqi Kobanê said they launched a joint operation called the “revenge operation for martyrs” 10 days ago together with some components of the FSA and added that these operations have political, military and national aims to ensure the fraternity of peoples of the region. Heqi Kobanê said the aim is to cleanse the whole region of the ISIS gangs which attack people in the name of religion, sect and ethnicity and take revenge for the martyrs of Girik, Êvar, Egîd, Demhat, Şiyar and all the liberation fighters. “As the YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al-Firat fighters, we promise all our comrades who have fallen in this struggle for a democratic Syria that we will continue the operations until there is not one gang member left in our lands”, said the YPG commander.

Ebo Setof, commander of the Siwar Al-Reqqa troop affiliated to Burkan Al-Firat, said they would continue cleansing operations against the ISIS gangs as the forces of Burkan Al Firat and that they do not distinguish between the Kurds and the Arabs. “We are all brothers and sisters. We fight to take revenge for our martyrs and against Bagdadi, who is linked to Assad”, said the Burkan Al- Firat commander.

YPJ commander Engîzek Kobanê said the women’s resistance forces were fighting to take revenge for all those women who have fallen in the struggle to protect their lands with great dedication, vowing to continue the operations until the whole region is cleansed of the gangs, following in the footsteps and memories of all the martyrs.

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