17/11/2014 - 00:00
“ISIS trapped in Kobane”

Romain Caillet, French specialist in Islamic extremist organisations, has said that ISIS has fallen into a fatal trap in Kobane and that there is no more chance of the town falling.

Caillet, who spoke to AFP, said that a few weeks ago people thought that Kobane would fall into the hands of ISIS, but that this was no longer the case. Caillet said that ISIS is no longer able to progress and is falling deeper and deeper into a fatal trap.

Caillet specified that each building that ISIS enters turns into a target for airstrikes because in order to hold the line ISIS fighters have to remain in the buildings; many ISIS fighters are dying as a result. Caillet also pointed out that 5 French nationals were killed in a single airstrike in Kobane and that there were many foreign fighters fighting for ISIS in the town.

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