15/06/2014 - 23:00
ISIS captures Tal Afar: thousands of Turkmens take refuge in Sinjar

The town of Tal Afar near Mosul has been captured by ISIS. Tens of thousands of Shia Turkmens who live in the town have begun to leave, taking refuge in the Yezidi Kurds' holy place of Jebel (mountain) Sinjar.

Following the withdrawal of Iraqi troops the ISIS gangs have taken complete control of the town, which is home to 250,000 Shia Turkmens.

Thousands of them have fled to Sinjar, considered a holy place by the Yezidi Kurds, who have mobilised to assist the people fleeing Tal Afar.

Meanwhile, Hazim Devlet, of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, claimed that Iraqi police had executed 60 Turkmens in police custody as they fled the town.

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