17/06/2014 - 23:00
Investigation into Paris murders focuses on MIT responsibility

The investigation concerning the murder of 3 Kurdish women politicians in Paris in January 2013 is now concentrating on the responsibility of the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) for the murders.

French anti-terror magistrate Jeanne Duye, who is leading the investigation, held a meeting with the families of the three women for two hours on 17 June in the Palace of Justice. The French authorities regularly inform the families about the investigation.

Speaking to AFP after the meeting, the sister of Fidan Dogan, Deniz Dogan, said they told the French authorities about a speech by Turkish PM Erdogan in Urfa before the local elections of 30 March, when he said that the movement of the religious cleric Fethullah Gulen was behind the murders.

The Turkish Prime Minister told the election rally in Urfa: "While we were engaged in a sincere struggle to find a solution, to stop the blood and the tears of the mothers, they [the Gulenist movement] first sabotaged the Oslo meetings, then attempted to arrest the head of MIT to leave him out of the circuit, then they committed the murders in Paris. They wanted to disrupt the process".

Deniz Dogan said "We now expect the investigation to take these claims seriously", adding, "We also expect the magistrate to demand from the French Intelligence the information they have about the chief suspect Omer Guney".

Dogan also said they were "generally satisfied" with the investigation carried out so far and added "Quite a good amount of documents point to Omer Guney as the murderer and shows that he was a pawn of the MIT".

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