Tanks and special force teams in Nusaybin

22/03/2016 - 23:00
Intense Clashes Continue in Kurdish District Nusaybin

23 March 2016

ANF/Kurdish Question - Mardin

Clashes between Turkish state forces and Civilian Defence Units (YPS) continue in Mardin's Nusaybin district.

A round-the-clock curfew (martial lockdown) was declared in the district 10 days ago as tanks, heavy artillery and a reported 10,000 soldiers and special force officers were transferred to the small district with a population of 65,000, most of whom have fled.

Clashes are said to be intensifying in four neighbourhoods: Fırat, Abdulkadirpaşa, Yenişehir and Dicle.

These neighborhoods were bombarded with artillery fire last night, shelling continuing until the early hours of the morning. Tanks deployed in the Ipekyolu and Newroz areas shelled the Fırat and Abdulkadirpaşa neighborhoods, and soldiers with heavy weaponry targeted a 6-storey building causing significant damage.

Tanks around Veysika cemetery continue to bombard the Dicle and Yenişehir neighbourhoods with sounds of violent explosions taking place.

Ambualances are reported to be seen often in the neighbourhoods as state forces continue to withhold the bodies of 5 YPS fighters. Provincial and district governorates have refused the applications for the retrieval of the bodies.

Nusaybin is thought to be a key area of the conflict between state forces and Kurdish fighters. Reports of casualties from both sides continue.

Clashes are also continuing in the Sirnak city centre and Hakkari's Yuksekova district.


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