21/06/2014 - 23:00
Humanity, Sociality and the Universe

History is not merely a socially valid process; rather, it is an existent phenomenon effective in all formations in the universe.

Time itself is creationist. The fact that it is time that really plays the creationist role predominantly attributed to the gods is a very well-kept secret. By time we mean the speed of formation. Where there is no formation there is no time and vice-versa. Within this context, to think of death as a product of time seems inappropriate. Death is a socially constructed human memory. It is a synthetic emotion; though a very valuable emotion for life itself. To put it more vaguely, it carries an admonitory effect.

The Big Bang Theory, by giving us an approximate age for the universe, allows us to form a universal history; however, it is possible for this theory to be a myth belonging to Western civilization. Despite its scientific presentation it plays a similar social role with that of the creation stories of the Holy Books. Saying this however, does not mean I reject the concept of time, it just means that it still possesses a certain mysterious feel. I must state that with human sociality the partial opportunity to understand this phenomenon has arisen; this in itself is worth getting excited over.

The mother of all sciences is social science

The role of social history in forming the individual is very important. If the mystery of time is to be solved then I believe that an understanding of short periods of formation is vital. The power of human sociality in forming the individual has generally been underestimated. Serious research has to be directed this way in order to gain a deeper understanding. My belief is that in no other phenomenon can we fully discover the power of time. This is why I believe that social science (the singular use of this term is intentional as opposed to the divisions within this field) is the mother of all sciences. I must openly state that I am suspicious of any science that does not base itself on social science. The road to all knowledge and scientific exploration goes through the realization of social science. The exploration of subatomic particles and the exploration of the ever expanding universe, ultimately both can only be understood within the parameters of the development of social science.

The self-conception of humanity is the basis of all ideas

The observation made by Hegel – and that which is also expressed in the Holy Books as the story of creation – that God's intention in creation was "to be understood", or in other words, the intention of thought to think of itself was a very important discovery. The beginning of thought's journey of self-conception is a fundamental truth. This, as far as we currently know, is a characteristic only evident in human sociality. The self-conception of humanity is the basis of all ideas. The question "is there as much thought in the cosmic universe as there is in an atom?" is a question well worth asking? I do not possess enough courage to claim that both the micro and macro universes have been formed without thought.

Humanity, sociality and history are all immensely important

It is now well obvious that the concept of "lifeless matter" is a very ignorant sociologically misconstrued concept. This isn't to mean that I am adopting Hegelian thought. The wave movement of thought in the human brain has been proven. It is said to be some sort of energy. The problem lies within how courageous we will be in adopting these proven truths and applying them to the nature external to humans. Societal development as the platform of universal truths is the nominative definitional stage of universal history. This is why the history of human sociality is in a very real sense the history of the universe. Simply put, 13.8 billion years is a number put on the history of the universe. For the universal truths behind this time humanity, its sociality and its history are immensely important.

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