24/06/2014 - 23:00
HPG clashes with Iranian soldiers

7 Iranian soldiers were killed in clashes that broke out between HPG guerrillas and  Iranian soldiers when Iranian soldiers attempted to seize a guerrilla controlled hill between the areas of Xinere and Xakurke.

According to information given by the HPG Press Office, the clashes broke out on 23 June at 10am when Iranian soldiers attempted to take control of "Martyr Laser Hill" in the guerrilla controlled region. During the clashes here, 2 Iranian soldiers were killed.

On 24 June, in a clash in the Cerda region, 5 Iranian soldiers were killed.

During the clashes, the Iranian army launched artillery attacks on Sekif, Kelasin, Martyr Laser Hill and Xinere, all located in the guerrilla controlled areas.

The bombardment is reportedly continueing in some places.

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