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Henri Barkey: Kurds Are Now Key To A Middle East Solution

2 March 2016

Kurdish Question

Middle East expert, scholar and former U.S. State Department Policy Planning Staff member Henri Barkey has written an article for the Financial Times entitled: Kurds are now key to a Middle East solution.

In the article Barkey argues that "powers great and small have to contend with Kurdish demands as never before," because "Kurds are on the move" in Turkey, Iraq and Syria. Barkey also highlights Turkey's fear as being Rojava and the "KRG-like state" that is arising there. He says the reason why negotiations failed between the Kurdish movement and Turkish state was because the PKK rejected Erdoğan's demand that they force the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to abandon their quest for autonomy in Syria.

Barkey assesses events from the perspective of the U.S. and says, "the situation is unstable and could spin out of control, especially with Mr. Erdoğan calling on the U.S. to choose between the Turkey and the PYD." However Barkey sees a possible win-win situation the U.S. could broker, with PKK fighters calling a ceasefire and leaving Turkey's borders into South Kurdistan and Rojava, Turkey would promise not to interfere in "Syrian Kurdish terrorities," writes Barkey. This would strengthen the fight against IS, end hostilities in Turkey and "strengthen Kurds' claim for an equitable post civil-war outcome," he says.

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