Police and military vehicles in Idil

27/02/2016 - 23:00
HDP MP Battered And 3 Journalists Detained In Under Siege Kurdish District

28 February 2016

ANF - Şırnak

Police forces raided a house in Şırnak's Idil district today and battered Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Şırnak MP Ferhat Encü. Three journalists were also detained in the town, which has been under curfew and siege for 13 days.

Special operation police teams surrounded and later raided the house in the Süryani (Assyrian) neighborhood Sunday afternoon. HDP deputy Encü, who was in the house asked for a warrant for the raid but was battered by policemen who said, “We are the state itself. We can get in by blowing you and the house down.” Police searched the house after producing a valid warrant.

DIHA reporters Mahmut Ruvanas and Ferzen Çatak, and Azadiya Welat reporter Kadri Esen who are in the town to cover the ongoing onslaught were detained by police forces who seized all their computers and cameras.

Homeowner Süleyman Karagöl and Veli Encü, brother of the HDP MP were also battered during the raid. Karagöl was detained and taken to district police headquarters alongside the three Kurdish journalists.

No news has been recieved about their fates as of yet.

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