24/06/2014 - 23:00
HDP delegation to visit Ocalan

After government officials announced that a "legal framework would be passed in parliament in the next few days", it has been announced that the HDP delegation will visit Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali Island on this Thursday.

The delegation consisting of HDP MP's Pervin Buldan, Idris Baluken and Sirri Sureyya Onder will go to the Island on Thursday. The delegation will make a presentation to Abdullah Ocalan about the latest developments, most notably the announcement of a legal framework for the ongoing peace process. It is also expected that the delegation will return with Ocalan's ideas and opinions regarding the proposed law.

The delegation has already made two visits to Imrali Island this month, after which it visited KCK officials in the Qandil mountains. The delegation had also met with government officials regarding the proposed law. The upcoming visit to Imrali will be the delegation's third visit in a month.

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