07/06/2014 - 23:00
HDP delegation to go to Imrali Island tomorrow

The HDP delegation consisting of MPs Sirri Sureyya Onder, Idris Baluken and Pervin Buldan have announced that they will go to Imrali Island tomorrow (Monday), only a week after their last meeting.

Since the beginning of the meetings between the MPs and Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali Island, the visits have been in keeping with a monthly schedule. However, a statement on behalf of the delegation read "The current stage of the resolution process and the recent developments in Lice have made it vital for a visit to be made as soon as possible."

The statement continued, "As a result of several meetings [with government oficials] due to the sensitivities of the process and recent developments, it has been decided that an urgent visit to Imrali Island to meet with Mr Abdullah Ocalan is of utmost importance."

The statement concluded, "We will like to announce to the public that the results of this historically important meeting will be fully shared with the public."

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