02/06/2014 - 23:00
Gerger: When it comes to the Kurds the world is silent!

Professor and Middle East expert Haluk Gerger talked to ANF about the silence of the world after the massacre of women and children carried out by ISIS in Rojava last week.

Gerger pointed out that the Kurds are surrounded on all sides, and that when it comes to them the whole world remains silent. Gerger added: "On the one side you have Turkey, on another the Ba'ath regime, on another, Al Qaeda. Then there are the Arab nationalists, and the imperialists, the West. As the Kurds are besieged, when there is a massacre everyone is silent and they ignore it."

Turkey does the planning, Al Qaeda pulls the trigger!

Gerger emphasised that Turkey plays a significant role in these attacks. He said: "While Turkey plans the attacks, Al Qaeda carries them out. And the world turns a blind eye to them. Thus the isolation of the Kurds emerge. Gerger stressed that Turkish socialists, revolutionaries and democrats should carry out protests to prevent Turkey playing an active role in these massacres, and criticized the attitude of silence they have adopted.

Turkish revolutionaries are not fulfilling the basic principles!

Gerger drew attention to the three veins of Turkish socialism, "one of these is National Socialist. It's not that they don't see what is going on, they are pleased. The second vein is the reformist one, they ignore it. Then the third one is a revolutionary vein, and they are of course opposed to what is going on, but they are weak."

Gerger added that this situation led to the isolation of the Kurds and to Turkish revolutionaries failing to be democrats, and consequently failing to be socialists.

Gerger said that in Turkey you could not be an internationalist unless you demonstrated solidarity with the Kurds, and that Turkish revolutionaries were thus not fulfilling the basic conditions of being a revolutionary. "Gezi is not enough", added Gerger, saying an awareness of what was going on in Rojava was essential.

The West is sacrificing the Kurds for the sake of its NATO hit-man Turkey

Gerger said that while the West was in all-out combat against Al Qaeda, when it came to Rojava, everything changed. Gerger said: "Due to its hypocritical military cooperation with Turkey the West sacrifices the Kurds. It's not just America, it is Europe, too, that is doing this. They sacrifice the Kurds for the sake of their NATO hit-man Turkey. Therefore, even if Turkey uses Al Qaeda to do its dirty work, the West turns a blind eye. This is the problem."

Gerger said that the Kurds needed to ponder this lack of reaction, adding: "the Kurds will overcome this problem themselves. If they cannot establish their own national solidarity and unity in struggle they will continue to be easy prey."

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