06/05/2015 - 00:00
Genoa Recognises Rojava As 'Sister Region'

06 May 2015

ANF - Genoa

The Genoa municipality in Italy has accepted a motion calling for the recognition of the Democratic Autonomous Kurdish Regions in Rojava. According to this decision, the municipality will provide solidarity and humanitarian aid to Rojava if a humanitarian corridor is opened.

The Municipal council in Genoa has passed a motion calling for the Democratic Autonomous Kurdish Regions in Rojava and the Suruç district municipality in North Kurdistan to be recognised as sister municipalities.

In addition to providing aid and solidarity within the framework laid down by the EU, a need to support the displaced people of Kobanê and the other cantons is also emphasised.

The motion to accept Rojava as a sister region was passed and signed by all 27 members of the municipal council.

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