Left to right: Elisabeth Decrey Warner, Bese Hozat and Ayten Dersim

28/04/2015 - 00:00
Geneva Call President meets Kurdistan Women's Community in Qandil

28 April 2015

ANF - Behdinan

Elisabeth Decrey Warner, the Executive President and co-founder of Geneva Call, has met with KJK (Kurdistan Women's Community) officials in Medya Defense Zones.

The meeting with KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Co-President Bese Hozat and KJK Coordination Member Ayten Dersim handled the recent developments in North Kurdistan.

On behalf of the humanitarian organization Geneva Call, Elisabeth Decrey Warner obtained information regarding the measures and standards developed by the Kurdish Women's Freedom Movement to achieve gender equality in organizational, political and social aspects.

KCK Co-President Bese Hozat pointed out that the major difference of the Kurdish women's movement compared to other movements was its approach which treated gender inequality and violence against women as a consequence of the five-thousand-year-old male-dominant system. She underlined that to overcome this matter required the development of a deeper attitude questioning the reasons of violence and inequality women suffered.

KJK Coordination Member Ayten Dersim stated that the ending of violence against women could be achieved by not just punishing the perpetrators but by overcoming the five-thousand-year-old male-dominant mentality.

Warner on the other hand remarked that the Kurdish freedom movement among the many movements waging an armed struggle they had met so far, had much higher standards in terms of ensuring gender equality in all decision-making mechanisms.

Warner emphasised that the KJK set an example to all other movements in the world with the social and political level it has reached in this regard.

Geneva Call is a neutral and impartial non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting respect by armed non-State actors (ANSAs) for international humanitarian norms in armed conflict and other situations of violence, in particular those related to the protection of civilians.

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