16/11/2014 - 00:00
Final countdown has begun for ISIS

The Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria and the Iraqi army are on the front foot everywhere against ISIS. The ISIS is now in a defensive mode on all fronts and is suffering heavy losses.

While ISIS were stopped in their tracks after facing a massive resistance in Kobane, they have also been suffering heavy defeats elsewhere in Iraq and Syria. Most recently, ISIS was defeated in the oil rich areas of Baiji and Zumar and now have their backs firmly up against the wall after the intensification of the coalition airstrikes.

Last week ISIS lost control of a town Southwest of Baghdad called Jurf Al Sakar, and this week ISIS was ousted from the town of Baiji where Iraq's biggest oil refinery is located. It has been reported that the Iraqi army is making big gains on all fronts against ISIS. Military officials say that the next target is the city of Tikrit.

In South Kurdistan the Peshmerga and the HPG are also making progress against ISIS. The HPG has been conducting operations against ISIS in the region and has liberated several villages.

And further north Peshmerga forces regained the control of the town of Zumar and also liberated the oil fields in Ayn Salih. The operations of the Kurdish forces against ISIS are continuing in this region.

In Kirkuk, the HPG and Peshmerga forces are conducting joint operations against ISIS. It has been reported that in this region the ISIS gangs are in a defensive position.

ISIS has been suffering heavy blows to the west of the Rojava town of Serekaniye too. The YPG forces liberated 5 villages in this region in the last week and killed many ISIS fighters.

The coalition has conducted over 150 airstrikes against ISIS in this month alone. The Iraqi air force has also conducted numerous airstrikes against ISIS especially in the around the cities of Baiji, Kirkuk, Mosul and Fallujah.

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