Cemil Bayik

25/03/2016 - 00:00
"Erdogan Is The Separatist, Not The PKK" Says KCK's Cemil Bayik

25 March 2016

Kurdish Question

Kurdistan Communities’ Union (KCK) Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayik has responded to the recent call for “national mobilisation” by Turkey President Erdogan and said, “Erdogan has called for national mobilisation against the Kurds, as if the PKK is trying to divide Turkey. By doing this he wants to legitimise his dirty war. This war has nothing to do with the historical wars in Malazgirt (1071), Çanakkale (1915) and the National War of Independence (1919); Erdogan has declared war on the Kurds, the biggest supporters of the Turks in these wars.”

In an article written for Kurdish daily Azadiya Welat, Cemil Bayik, leader of the Kurdish Movement’s umbrella organisation, the KCK, said, “[Erdogan] has a mentality, politics and practice that is antithetical to the historical relations between Turks and Kurds. The Kurds are not dividing anyone’s homeland; they want to live freely and democratically in their own homeland. The resistance to achieve self-governance is to make Turkey a joint-homeland. It is, for this reason, complete demagoguery when they say we are trying to divide the country and they are defending it. What is happening is that they want to enslave, eliminate and deny Kurds their rights and are using this rhetoric to hide this policy."

Erdogan is the real separatist

Bayik who recently told the British Times that they wanted to topple Erdogan and the AKP government because a resolution to the Kurdish question and peace would not be possible otherwise, went on to say, "The real separatist in Turkey is Erdogan; it is Erdogan and the AKP government who are preventing unity between the Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey. Kurds want to live in a joint-homeland within a democratic nation. And they have declared this in no uncertain terms, both ideologically and politically. However Erdogan’s response has been to disregard a joint-homeland and co-existence, instead he has vowed to eliminate the Kurds. He is intent on destroying the co-existence of diverse groups and is insisting on Turkification. This is their policy and what they have agreed with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Mobilisation for democracy and peace

"It is Erdogan and the AKP’s policies that are dividing the country. To counter this and achieve democratic unity we need mass mobilisation. We need a democracy bloc against the AKP-MHP’s fascist bloc, which is eroding democracy. We need a peace and democracy bloc against the war being perpetrated on the Kurdish people and democracy forces. It is unacceptable that democracy forces are scattered and not uniting when there is such a great attack on democracy by Erdogan. The forces of democracy must unite around a programme for democracy and a just peace."

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