19/06/2014 - 23:00
Democratic Values and the Middle East

The bloodshed in the Middle East is the life support machine of capitalist modernity.

To be a revolutionary, to live by revolutionary principles is to be a human. Blood and money go hand in hand in capitalism. Constant chaos and constant inconsistency are the 21st century policies forced upon the Middle East by the imperialists. The designing process no longer requires the presence of armies of hundreds of thousands of men. On the contrary, this is deemed to expensive. The plan is to turn the Middle East into a place that falls in opposition to its very own historic values. This plan works when the peoples, cultures and faiths of the Middle East are in conflict with each other; are immersed in power struggles. The result: the peoples of the region are stripped of their own values. Whereas throughout history, this region has been home to many languages, faiths and ethnicities living side by side. Until outsiders began meddling.

There is no need to go far for a realistic evaluation of the region. The Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan in the 4th volume of his Democratic Society Manifesto — written in the one-man prison island of Imrali — wrote about the prospects for the Middle East. In this book — that I am reading over and over to understand the current situation in the Middle East — this is what Ocalan has to say about the i'mplied impasse' of the Midle East:

'Middle Eastern culture cannot be understood through the positivist ideologies and sciences of European modernity. When they believe they have understood it, the result is orientalism. The results of this applied paradigm for the past 200 years has been that neither the historical realities of Middle Eastern society or the current developments in the region are understood. There is a massive gap in understanding. The restructured traditional approaches (all culturalist approaches including Islamism), under the influence of ortientalism, are even further from understanding the realities of the region.'

Genocide was priorly not a familiar concept in the Middle East. No matter what the 'sciences' currently say, the existence of a Dark Ages prior to the positivist modern era is a myth. It is a continuation of this myth that the modern era presents itself as an enlightenment.

We must extensively analyse the impacts of the nation-state in the Middle East; it has tore the region apart. The deepest traumas in the region were caused by the nation-state. Whichever tragedy we look at, we will see its traces.

If the interventions of the union of nation-states, the UN, is proving hopeless; if the union of Islamic nation-states, the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference), is unable to solve the problems; if the tedious tours of nation-state diplomats is proving ineffective, the only reason for this lies in the very mentality and structure of the nation-state. We must therefore not be surprised that this institution, which is way more conservative and mystic than the religions of the Middle Ages, construes fascism in all its structures and practices. The constructions of nation-states are full of wars and conflicts. There is not a single nation-state on the planet that has not been constructed by wars and bloodshed. What is even worse is that these nation-states are in constant conflict with not only other nation-states, but also their own populations; is there a single nation-state that isn't?

To continue from where the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan left off from, I believe that none of the problems of the Middle East can be understood without a prior understanding of the nation-state. A thorough understanding of the nation-state will lead us to acknowledge that only an understanding of the 'Democratic Nation' will enable us to solve the problems of the Middle East; this is a fundamental responsibility of being a human.

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