15/06/2014 - 23:00
Buldan and Baluken return from Qandil

HDP MP Pervin Buldan told ANF that the KCK wants the AKP government to abandon its hegemonic practices and take concrete steps.

Buldan was speaking on her return to Turkey after holding a meeting with KCK officials in Qandil. She added: "The KCK are entirely in support of the process and Mr Ocalan."

HDP Group chairs Pervin Buldan and Idris Baluken have returned to Turkey after meeting KCK officials in Qandil. Buldan said: "We had a 5 or 6 hour meeting in Qandil at which we evaluated the meetings we had had with Mr Ocalan on 1 and 9 June. We then assessed the meetings we had had with the government. The KCK want concrete steps to be taken and laws to be passed before parliament goes into recess. They do not want the plight of sick prisoners to be used as a bargaining ploy and they want an end to the construction of military bases. The setting up of a monitoring committee is also on the agenda, as you know. The KCK said that if such a body had existed the incidents in Lice would not have occurred."

'An attempt to throttle the revolution in Rojava'

Buldan added that they had discussed the capture of Mosul by ISIS, saying: "Qandil considers this to be an attempt to throttle the Kurdish revolution in Rojava and underlined the importance of Kurdish unity."

'KCK fully backs the process and Mr Ocalan'

Buldan said that they had discussed the distortions of the media, that has tried to suggest there are problems between the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK. She added: "The KCK emphasised that they are fully behind the process and Mr Ocalan. They said they saw us as a negotiating delegation and considered the HDP's visits to Imrali to be important."

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