25/06/2014 - 23:00
Bestas: Draft bill has shortcomings

BDP vice co-chair Meral Danis Bestas has commented on the government's bill laying the legal ground for the solution process and said: "It will be misleading to think that this bill can bring a solution to the whole dimensions of the problem".

Criticizing the use of the word "terror" in the bill, Bektas said that despite this they attach importance to the authoritisation of the cabinet in the process. Bektas further stressed that the content of the bill will be enlarged through the struggle of people.

Answering the questions of ANF, BDP vice co-chair Meral Danis Bektas has commented on the bill of the government titled "The Bill to End Terrorism and Strengthen Social Consolidation" sent to the parliament today. Bektas said the bill presented to the parliament is not a final version, but a draft that can be changed through discussions in parliament and added "We will also amend the bill. Its language is disconcerting. Especially the use of decades old terms like 'terror' and 'terrorist' are not acceptable".

"It is important to legalize the process through the will of the parliament. Abdullah Ocalan has demanded this legal grounding since the beginning of the negotiations. It is important to name the process through the legislative power", said Bektas adding that the draft is not clear in all points and still needs to be developed.

"Our party organs are working on the bill. We, as the BDP, have prepared a detailed bill under the title 'Draft Bill for Negotiations'. Our bill brought multi-dimensional regulations for the process, but the bill of the government is far from meeting the multi-dimensional requisites of the process".

Bektas stressed that the Kurdish question is centuries old and therefore could not be solved with a simple regulation, adding that it is the struggle of the people that will enlarge the contents of the regulation.

Bestas said the most important shortcoming of the bill is the lack of any mention on who is the interlocutor, adding that the talks with Abdullah Ocalan should have been included in the bill.

Bektas said the bill must also clarify the conditions of the return of guerrillas to social life as well as including the release of the sick prisoners.

Bestas further stressed that the Kurds know very well that no solution is possible without the struggle of the people, adding that the people have also followed World experiences and they too deliberate on the whole process.

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