01/06/2014 - 23:00
BDP Victory in Agri Local Election

After the official statement of the Supreme Election Council declaring victory for the BDP in Agri, people poured into the streets and started celebrating the result until the early hours of the morning in their cars and with fireworks.

After the BDP won the election with 23.393 votes, tens of thousands of people started to chant in favour of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. A huge flag of yellow, red and green posters of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan were raised.

HDP deputies, mayors of the region and members of the BDP party executive who came to Agri to celebrate the result, greeted the citizens.

BDP executive Ferhat Tarhan said: "Agri is not bleeding anymore, Agri became the fortress of the struggle, and the reality of Kurdistan is in the struggle here."

Co-mayor of Agri, Mukaddes Kubilay, stated that the winner of the election was the society of Agri and especially women.

She added that they would bring a new sensibility that will represent the existence of women.

Co-mayor Sirri Sakik said: "I thank the whole city. I have just read Mr Ocalan's message for Agri and Norsin.

Mr Öcalan states in his message that: "I believe that the people of Norsin and Agri will support peace. I trust the people and greet all of them." And we say to Mr Ocalan: "The people of Agri are developing  peace and in order to greet you, they have showed their public will."

Sakik's speech was frequently interrupted by slogans in favour of Ocalan.

After the speeches, citizens danced with music till late in the night.

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