People walk to Sur

01/03/2016 - 23:00
Attacks and Resistance as Thousands March to Sur to Break Siege

2 March 2016

Kurdish Question

Thousands of people are marching to Amed's (Diyarbakir) Sur district from all corners of the city to break the 92-day siege and curfew by Turkish state forces.

People marching from the Kayapınar, Bağlar and Yenişehir neighbourhoods wore masks of those who killed in the Silopi and Cizre massacres. Many shouted the slogans, "We will resist and win," "Long live the resistance in Sur," and "Fascist Turkish state out of Kurdistan."

Armoured vehicles, tanks and water cannons are stationed in all the streets of the city, with squirmishes between demonstrators and state forces occurring in the Yenişehir neighbourhood after state forces used gas bombs and water on marchers.

UPDATED: People Determined to March to Sur as Clashes Spread Across Amed 

Hundreds of people are reported to be trapped and under attack by state forces in Sur. Videos have emerged of families with children and babies in the past week as fear rose that a similar massacre to the one in Cizre would committed.

Kurdish question will be giving live updates on what is happening in Amed via Twitter

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