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06/03/2016 - 23:00
BREAKING: At Least 50 People Including Children and Pregnant Women Wounded In Sur

7 March 2016

Kurdish Question

It has been reported that at least 50 people were wounded in bomb attacks by Turkish state forces today in Amed’s Sur district.

The 24-hour martial lockdown and siege of the historic Sur district continues in its 97th day, as hundreds of civilians remain trapped and in imminent danger.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Amed MP Sibel Yiğitalp who is at the Sur Town Hall said to media, “The sound of explosions can be heard from where I am. Civilians trapped inside called us and said that at least 50 people have been wounded. We know that there are children and pregnant women among the wounded. We have notified all officials bodies; the wounded need to be taken to hospital immediately.”

In a separate text message to Yiğitalp a resident of Sur writes: The situation is serious now. There are five corpses with us in a very small basement. There are people trapped under rubble in three points, we can't get them out. Even if ambulances came there are not enough people to carry them. There are only seven people who are conscious. The delegation needs to enter Sur urgently.

Turkish state forces recently turned their attention to Sur following the harrowing massacre committed in Cizre over a two-week period in January and February. At least 178-trapped people were executed and burned alive across three basements, plus hundreds more across the beleaguered district.

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Despite appeals by HDP MPs to international organisations, the UN and the European Court of Human Rights, the massacre and destruction of Cizre, which has been described by human rights organisations in Turkey as ‘genocide’, was completely ignored. Fears have been growing that the same will occur in Sur as state forces continue bombarding the district without differentiating between civilians and armed militants.

Source: ANF

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