26/06/2014 - 23:00
Are ISIS being trained in Kızıltepe?

It has been claimed that members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) are receiving military training at a camp on the banks of a river in the village of Akziyaret in the Kiziltepe district of Mardin province.

This new allegation has emerged amid criticism of the Turkish governments ongoing support for ISIS.

Local sources claim that militants thought to be members of ISIS are located in the Kiziltepe district, where they receive military training.

It is also alleged that the group uses the area as a centre for other activities, mainly for recruiting new members.

Eye witnesses say that the group, composed of mostly young people, gather around the edge of the river in the evening to start training activities.

The area, that lies in between the Kilduman, Akziyaret and Karabulak villages, was also used in the past by other Islamist militants.

In the 1990's the radical Islamist group, Hizbullah in Turkey, had their cells and shelters in that region.

The police found out in the1990's that Hizbullah was burying those people that it had abducted and tortured to death. Hizbullah also had its ammunition dump in the village of Akziyaret.

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